The 6 Best Places to Get a Custom Wedding Suit in Seattle

Finding the Best Custom Wedding Suit Isn’t Easy

I get it, finding the right wedding suit in Seattle that custom is no small task. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing incredible moments where the wedding suits look incredible on those in the party. But I’ve also witnessed the disappointment when ill-fitting suits dampen the overall experience. Picture this: Its your wedding day, you’re so excited to get into your suit, you didn’t get a chance to try it on yet because you didn’t want to wrinkly the rental or the shirt before getting in there. You go to put on the suit… The pants are quite literally, two sizes too big in the waist, and the jackets arms go past your hands. You’re annoyed and irritated that now throughout the day, your fancy suit isn’t going to be exactly how you hoped it would look. Sounds like something that could happen, doesn’t it?

That’s why I can’t stress enough the significance of investing in a quality suit that fits you like a glove. Not only that, it’s your fucking wedding day! You deserve to look GREAT in a wedding suit that fits you well. I always, always recommend to anyone of my couples who will be wearing a suit, invest in something decent. Look into getting something bespoke, tailored, and made for you. You want these photos of you to look good, right? And that doesn’t mean breaking the bank! In this guide, we’ll explore the best spots in Seattle to find a suit that caters to diverse body types, offers cost-effective yet form-fitting options, and helps you determine the essential elements for your perfect suit.

A Quick PSA for where NOT to Get a Custom Wedding Suit

You’ll notice I don’t make a mention of Mens Warehouse in this list. Which has been a steady and constant option for most people looking to rent a suit. There is a reason for that, it’s because I DONT. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a persons face lose its glow when Mens Warehouse has absolutely screwed their rentals; seriously, it’s disappointing. So, for you, the person getting married and wearing a suit, don’t skimp and do MW. You’ll really appreciate it looking back on your wedding.

The Top Custom Suits Shops in Seattle;

  1. Indo Chino – Quality, without breaking the bank: Indo Chino offers a range of suits made from quality materials and provides customization options. Their made-to-measure approach ensures that your suit is tailored to your preferences and fits your unique body shape. Regardless of gender, Indo Chino is a top choice for individuals seeking a well-fitted suit with superior craftsmanship, without spending a huge sum like some of the others in this list.
  2. Nordstrom – Nordstrom is renowned for its superior tailoring services, extending beyond suits. Personally, I can’t say I’ve ever been fitted and measured at Nordstroms. But I can speak to the many friends and reviews online that say these services are great for all types of garments you buy at Nordstrom’s. Some Nordstrom locations also offer rentals through a third party called The Black Tux. Ensuring a convenient option for those who prefer not to buy. They have a separate section of suits and blazers specifically for female bodies, so for those femme and non-binary humans, Nordstrom may have the most flair and stylized options for your taste!
  3. Suit Supply – A Step up from Indo: A relatively new suit shop to my radar, and located a bit of a ways away in Bellevue, not Seattle. However, I think this is a worthwhile mention given what I have seen in terms of head to head reviews on the two shops. The nice thing about both, is they offer custom tailoring for all genders. Which, I think is extremely important to note, as I don’t not have any imagery for any female or non-binary presenting people, I do believe in giving options for everyone.
  4. Bonobos – a Ready to Wear Option: Bonobos offers a blend of quality materials and exceptional comfort in their suits. While they do not offer tailored suits, they will provide you with sizing recommendations to ensure the best fit. You do this by going to their Brick and Mortar Showroom in University Village to get sized by someone who will tell you what you will need. You will need to go to a tailor after get alterations done for these, but the quality seems to be extremely great, and the suits look quite nice.
  5. Beckett & Robb – Unparalleled Quality and Customization: Beckett & Robb is a top notch destination for unparalleled quality and customization in wedding suits available in Seattle. With an extensive range of materials and styles, they cater to individuals of all gender identities, ensuring a perfect fit. Investing in a Beckett & Robb suit guarantees exceptional craftsmanship and a truly unique look. If you’re looking to make a statement and cherish a suit that will last beyond your wedding day, Beckett & Robb is an ideal choice for a suit that goes beyond just your wedding day, but to wear to a lot of incoming formal gatherings.
  6. Sew Generously – Quality Materials and Lasting Suits: Similar to Beckett & Robb, Sew Generously offers quality materials, a great fitting experience, and suits that stand the test of time. Their meticulous craftsmanship ensures a tailored fit that enhances you style and body type. Upon a quick look, the suits made look to be the most expensive you can find in Seattle in terms of full custom. However, if you have the budget, If you value lasting quality and a suit that you can wear on special occasions long after your wedding day, Sew Generously is a reliable choice for individuals seeking inclusive and lasting suits.

My Recommendation for a Custom Suit in Seattle

When I consider how many people have ever bought a custom suit, I think most folks would stutter and sweat at the sheer cost of a true, high-end luxury custom suit. Considering the quality, customization options, and affordability, my overall recommendation goes to Indo Chino for 75% of people. Their made-to-measure suits offer excellent value for money, with suits starting around $500 fully customized, allowing you to achieve a highly customized look. And their gender-inclusive suits and abilities make it a great choice for a classic look that everyone will look good in. And, if it doesn’t fit just right the first time, you can go back free of charge and get it altered until it fits. If you have an unlimited budget, want something extremely high quality, and want to support a rad local Seattle Business however, Sew Generously is my winner for unlimited budget! They have been praised again and again in the community for their amazing quality suits, and supporting a local business is always top of mind, so I’d love to see people spending their money local if they can, and their budgets allow.

I hope you found this list helpful! If you are looking for your partner and need to start figuring out places to get a wedding dress for you, go check out my Blog on the best place to get a wedding dress in Seattle! And if you like the photos you’re looking at, contact me and we can see if I can help you in other ways for your big wedding day as your photographer (wink wink)

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