Deception Pass Adventure Elopement

A beautiful styled Elopement done up at Deception Pass in Washington. I have never actually gone up to the pass before, even after living just 2 hours south my whole life! What a beautiful day it turned out to be too. I was so excited to come up and get the Iceland experience with the Kirkland brand prices. Yes, I did make that joke several times during the day, and yes I will continue to make that joke.

Johanna and Liz were AMAZING to work with. I was a little hesitant at first, because the pair seemed a tad shy and reserved. I was quickly proven how wrong I was. They brought so much passion and energy to the entire shoot, it was pretty amazing to be able to witness so much pure love and tenderness.

At the end we went to Rosario beach to get some blue hour shots. My god the wind so bad it was insane. It literally felt like we were in a wind tunnel. I thought I was going to be blow off the edge of the cliff and float away.  These two were total troopers and killed it from start to finish.

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