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Emphasizing the non-traditional, authentic love that highlights what makes you special.

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Alright, listen up y’all! I’m a Wedding Photographer (duh). And I am here to tell you that I get it. Finding the right photographer for your wedding or elopement is crucial. Thankfully, you can consider that search over. I am here to share and create beautiful imagery that shows everyone what makes you special.

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The Mason Joel Experience

Attention to Detail

From our very first call, I’m dedicated to understanding your unique vision for your wedding or elopement photos. I’ll listen to you through the planning process, ensuring every detail aligns with what you envision as best as I can. Whether it’s capturing candid moments or those picture-perfect poses, we’ll create a plan that hits the much desired ‘authenticity’ with a plan that sets us up for success.

Expert Tips & Tricks

Planning a wedding or elopement of any size can be overwhelming. I’ve got a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and advice to help make the process smoother. I have been professionally taking photos for 7 years, and I want to provide that knowledge so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes when it comes down to the wire. From timeline suggestions and a timeline call, to vendor recommendations, I am a treasure trove of good nuggets to help ensure you get the day you deserve.

Wedding Day Magic

When your wedding day arrives, my goal is to make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. With my electric personality, I am going to ensure the day starts easy, breazy, beautiful cover girl ;). With my keen attention to detail, and fun-loving nature, I ensure nothing feels awkward or forced while still getting all the magic you want in your photos. Together, we’ll capture some of the best moments of your special day in a way that feels genuine and unforgettable.

How to book mason for your day

Let me tell you EXACTLY what you can expect from me.


You reach out, we hop on a video call and catch the vibe! This is a great opportunity for you to get a sense if we are a good fit for your special day


I’ll follow up, send some galleries for you to take a peek at and sense my style, and recommend what you need in terms of coverage


Once you know I am the right guy for you, you let me know! You get a quote to decide what add-ons and packages you would like to have, and we celebrate with sushi and cocktails


I’ll send you tips, tricks, and everything I have learned doing this. I am always available and doing my best to help my couples succeed during the planning process

Kind Words

“Our entire experience was relaxed and enjoyable

When you work with Mason you can’t help but feel natural and at ease.”

James + Ryan

“If there was one right decision we made, it was picking mason as our photographer.

 He not only took the best wedding and engagement photos, but they were so good that the second comment after, “congrats!” at our wedding was, “I love your photographer!”

Emily + Colin

“mason did an incredible job shooting both our engagement and wedding photos!

He made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. He’s thoughtful, funny, and everyone at our wedding was obsessed with him! I cannot recommend Mason enough.”

Nicole + Karsten

“He Made Us feel very comfortable

and if you don’t know how to pose, don’t you worry, he got you! Every single pictures in our album is beautiful.”

Rowie + Chris

“His personality allowed my fiancé and i to loosen up immediately

and the photos are absolutely our favorite from the photoshoots we have done, still to date.”

Krista + Nick

Pricing & Information

Check out the links below for all of my wedding and elopment detials

some Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, getting a photographer as soon as you decide to go forward with an elopement is best practice. Weddings and Elopements tend to be done in the same seasons, so photographers get booked out pretty quickly!

When you decide to move forward, I am going to send you a contract, and a quote for you to pick and choose what it is you would like for your Elopement. You’ll pay a retainer fee (half of the total) and the rest a month out from the day.

Absolutely I can! When you get me, you’re getting access to my insight from my years of doing this professionally. You don’t have to plan for this day by yourself. I encourage and plan to be part of the planning process from start to finish.

In the contract you’ll sign, the declared turnaround time is 3 months. Due to the general timeline of weddings and where we are in the season, sometimes it can take that full 3 months. Rest assured, I am working to get them to you ASAP.

I do! with a caveat. Generally speaking, most of my weddings are solo-dolo. But, certain weddings, certain situations can require them. If you have a more grandiose plan for you wedding, then a second could be helpful!

Don’t be shy, leave a reply

Let’s get this party started and create some epic photos together. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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