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I have compiled some of the most common FAQs and tips I can share that will help you plan your day that feels authentic and true to who you are. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to

put yourselves first. When you start to worry only about how others might judge you for what you want, or feel tied to what has always been, you forget about how this whole thing is meant to highlight who you two are, together.

I’m positive you will find some helpful ideas, some answers to questions you might have for me about planning your wedding and what you are looking for in a photographer.

some Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, getting a photographer as soon as you decide to go forward with an elopement is best practice. Weddings and Elopements tend to be done in the same seasons, so photographers get booked out pretty quickly!

When you decide to move forward, I am going to send you a contract, and a quote for you to pick and choose what it is you would like for your Elopement. You’ll pay a retainer fee (half of the total) and the rest a month out from the day.

Absolutely I can! When you get me, you’re getting access to my insight from my years of doing this professionally. You don’t have to plan for this day by yourself. I encourage and plan to be part of the planning process from start to finish.

In the contract you’ll sign, the declared turnaround time is 3 months. Due to the general timeline of weddings and where we are in the season, sometimes it can take that full 3 months. Rest assured, I am working to get them to you ASAP.

I do! with a caveat. Generally speaking, most of my weddings are solo-dolo. But, certain weddings, certain situations can require them. If you have a more grandiose plan for you wedding, then a second could be helpful!

Oh, no! And you truly don’t want them. RAW files are essentially devoid of any color and edits. They are different from JPGs you take on your phone, they are huge files that take up a ton of space. Rest assured, every photo I deliver is fully edited and the best of the best.

I do wonder sometimes when people ask me this how detailed that want me to get… But I’ll keep it brief here. I have two cameras, 4 lenses ranging in focal range to get the best angles for every moment. I have plenty of lighting equipment for darker venues and am well versed in all indoor and outdoor situations.

Yes! Tax is calculated based on where your current address is at the time of booking with me. Keep that in mind! Washington sales tax is 6.5% then depending on what county you’re in, it comes out to somewhere in the 10% range.

Absolutely! Though I have pre made packages that fit *most* weddings, I know not everyone needs or wants that amount of coverage! Very happy to offer custom quotes to make me available to work with you. I do a minimum of 4 hours, much like elopement pricing, that is $2500 for anything related to a wedding or elopement event.

COVID really got all of us freaked out about planning a wedding, and I get it. If all else fails, and we need to reschedule I am always willing to work with you to find something that works for both of us For a date within a calendar year from your original date with a reschedule fee on prime wedding dates.

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