A little About mason;

The man. The Myth. The Goofball

Hey there, I’m Mason! your soon-to-be favorite Seattle Wedding Photographer! I am here two do two things, chew gum, and make my clients look like sexy as hell; and I am all out of gum.

I started this thing back in 2019 and haven’t looked back since embarking on my own photography career after leaving a photo job I had that wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I’ve since documented couples unique, non-traditional weddings and elopements all over the map! going to Massachusetts, California, Colorado, and more.

The mason Joel Defference


I’m a comedian, photographer, and hype person all wrapped up in one. When I’m behind the camera, my mission is to make you feel comfortable, safe, and downright sexy baby, yeah! I’ll crack jokes, make you laugh until your sides hurt, and capture all those authentic, off-beat moments that make you who you are. So let’s get this party started and create some magic together!

Knowledge + Experience

I’m here to help make your day memorable. With my years of experience, I’ve seen it all and know how to handle any unexpected situation. I’ve got an eye for detail that will capture every moment, from tears to (questionable) dance moves. Hiring me is more than just getting a robot to show up on your wedding. I am here to capture you both authentically, and keeping the shit from going sour.


I am not coming to your wedding day just trying to get the same cookie cutter images everyone can get. My goal is to capture your love story from the most powerful angles to help authentically help you remember the day how it happened. And step in to help and guide when you aren’t sure what to do.

The reason I love being a Wedding Photographer
Is providing a stress-free. fun experience for cool-ass people:
Like you

How to book mason for your day

Let me tell you EXACTLY what you can expect from me.


You reach out, we hop on a video call and catch the vibe! See if I am the right person for your wedding day.


I’ll follow up, send some galleries for you to take a peek, and recommend what you need.


Once you know I am the right guy for you, you let me know, I send a contract, and we celebrate with sushi and cocktails.


I’ll send you tips, tricks, and everything I have learned doing this. Then the big day comes and we have an epic party celebrating you!

quick facts about mason

Music Aficionado

I LOVE music. Both creating it and enjoying the experience live. From destination to destination I am always listening to something. If you’re a metal-head like me, we should definitely be friends.

5K Training

I’ve recently decided to train for a 5K. It’s no joke, but I’ve taken on that challenge like a champ! I’ve embraced the sweat, the struggle, and the determination it takes.

Video Game Fan

I’m a story-based gaming fanatic since I was a kid. From epic quests to heart-wrenching choices, these games fuel my imagination like nothing else. Let’s level up and conquer virtual kingdoms together!

Accent Extraordinaire

Prepare to have your mind blown! I’m a wizard at accents and impressions. From British posh to outrageous Aussie slang, I’ll have you believing I’m a bloody native. Sit back, relax, and let the accents roll like a masterpiece.

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