Edgewater Hotel Wedding | Downtown Seattle

Yo, folks! I’m stoked to share with y’all the deets of an epic Edgewater Hotel wedding I had the honor to shoot in downtown Seattle. Let me tell ya, when I first met this rad couple, we hit it off like PB&J. We knew right then and there that I was the perfect photographer to capture their special day.

Firstly, it was great to see them incorporate their precious pup who couldn’t contain her excitement, tagged along for the photoshoot. She was wagging her tail like there was no tomorrow, pumped to see her mom and dad finally tying the knot. It was pawsitively heartwarming to witness their love, not just as a couple, but as a family. What made this Edgewater Hotel wedding stand out was the couple’s decision to keep it cozy and intimate. They wanted a micro-wedding, keeping the guest list short and sweet. With only their closest peeps in attendance, the love in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife. It was like witnessing a private lovefest, where every moment was cherished and felt so damn special.

Speaking of special, let’s talk about the Edgewater Hotel itself. This place is a freakin’ legend, my friends. It’s been a landmark in Seattle for years, hosting some of the biggest names in the music biz. The hotel’s got history, character, and a stunning view of the waterfront. And don’t even get me started on the wedding spaceā€”it’s like a slice of heaven on earth. The combination of elegance and charm made for the perfect backdrop to capture the couple’s love story in all its glory.

So there you have it, folks. An Edgewater Hotel wedding that was all kinds of amazing. From the instant connection with the couple to witnessing their pup’s excitement, this was a day to remember. And let’s not forget the Edgewater’s role in creating an atmosphere that was as beautiful as the couple’s love. It’s safe to say that this micro-wedding was a big hit, leaving us all with memories that’ll last a lifetime.


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