The story of how I got into photography is as old as time. I was bitten by the ‘bug’ in high school. I took a digital photography class and my teacher told me I had a decent eye and should keep it up.

Instead, I went to college so I could get a real job and didn't pick up a camera for a while. Years later In my senior year of college, I took yet another photography class, thinking I would just breeze through and go on to get some corporate job.

Obviously, that didn't happen. Almost immediately I fell in love with photography all over again. I bought a Canon 80D and just started shooting anything and everything. I realized this is what I wanted to do and just went after it. Which brings us to today.


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Let me start off by giving you a fair warning. I am never satisfied with making you JUST smile, I am intent on making you laugh your ass off once I point my camera at you. I am a boisterous guy whose gonna crack jokes, utilize self-deprecating humor, do stupid voices, or anything else I need to do to get you laughing. I want you to walk away from our time together with your cheeks in pain from laughing so much.

I try not to take myself too seriously when I am working. Part of my job is keeping the mood light and enjoyable. If it's your wedding day, I am going to be your guy to get shit done when it needs to get done. You need me to wrangle grandma and grandpa to see the cake cutting? I'll do it. Need some water? I got you. Want me to get a quick picture of you with the in-laws you might actually hate but know you will never live it down if you don't get a photo? Let's make it short and sweet. I am there to serve you.

When the day is over and everyone is going home, I want people to walk away and say 'that dude was hilarious and hell, he made me look good!' That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is what keeps me going. I should also warn you, once we have talked, you've gained not only a photographer but a new friend. No really, you'll be stuck with me. No take-backs!

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