Snoqualmie Pass Adventure Elopement

While this was technically my FIRST styled adventure elopement shoot with the wonderful human and my good friend Van Gachnang I am uploading this second. I was so, so excited by the opportunity to go up to the snow and capture a shoot with two beautiful humans being all cute and shit up at Snoqualmie Pass. I have been DYING to do an elopement or a wedding of some kind out in the snow. This was a perfect opportunity for me to show of my skills and ability out at the Pass getting great shots with the magical snowy feel. Washington really has all the things you might want, in terms of location.

Andrew and Sam showed up ready to have a great time. We pretty much started laughing at the beginning, and didn’t stop having fun until we ended our day around 4 or so hours later. Fun Fact, Sam is actually a photographer herself! and a damn good one at that. You can check out her IG here and see the awesome content she puts out. Andrew was a real one and lended me his pari of snow spikes for my boots, so I wasn’t gonna have to worry about slipping and sliding around in the snow (rookie mistake not having a pair) and I was blown away at how wealthy worked. These are the ones Andrew gave me and I bought them the next week.

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