When Two People Love Each Other Very Much...

Starts at $500

1-Hour Session

2 Outfits

1 Location

MINIMUM 35 edited images


starts at ~ $2200




"Could not have hoped for a better photographer for my last minute wedding. We had an evening wedding. mason is an absolute GENIUS and made things absolutely wonderful. He matched our goofy personalities and made everything so much fun."
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- Amanda G.


How long have you been shooting?

Seriously for the past 4 years, Casually for about 8!

What are you using?

I have two cameras, a 35 and an 85, and I go the whole day rocking that setup! I'll whip out my macro lens when I need to, but I find the 35 85 suits my needs perfectly.

Do you offer albums?

If you want one ask me! I dont have it as a package add on or anything, because frankly I am still pretty fresh in this industry and am playing catch up. But I am more than happy to make an album for you.

How long does it take to get photos back?

The answer I give everyone is ~2 weeks. In the contract you'll sign, it says 8 weeks. Thats to give myself a pretty big buffer just in case something comes up! life happens. If you need them ASAP for whatever reason just talk to me about it and we can make something happen!

Do you travel?

OH HELL YEAH. If you have a destination wedding please send me a message, I want to travel more. Let's make a deal.

Do you offer a second shooter?

Right now no package comes with a second shooter just to keep the cost down. However, If you would like to hire a second for your day, I am more than happy too!

I am pretty camera shy...

Hey I totally hear you! we are not all natural born models. Rest assured, I am no slouch when it comes to directing my couples, and I will have no problem making you feel comfortable as we shoot. how? making you laugh of course!

Alright! I am sold! what do I need to do?

YES. Perfect! so, go follow the link below and fill out my contact form. I will follow up with you , we talk details, I will want to skype or phone call you, and then if its a match You swipe right a $350 deposit and we are now friends!

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