Emerald Forest Theater Engagement Session

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Krista and Nick’s engagement session at Emerald Forest Theater in Fall City, WA, was a blend of fun, laughter, and the quintessential Pacific Northwest charm! Also, as physical therapists (PTs) new to the area, they desired a setting that captured the essence of the PNW’s natural beauty. Therefore, This magical session, complete with three outfit changes, was a delightful journey of getting to know this wonderful couple.

A Picturesque PNW Setting

Nestled in the heart of the PNW, Emerald Forest Theater offered the perfect backdrop for Krista and Nick’s engagement photos. Surrounded by towering trees and lush greenery, the location radiated a serene and enchanting ambiance. The couple, eager to embrace their new surroundings, chose this spot to reflect their adventurous spirits and love for nature.

Capturing Candid Moments

The session began with a touch of elegance and fun. Krista looked stunning in a beautiful green dress that perfectly complemented the natural backdrop, while Nick embraced the true PNW casual style. So their contrasting outfits created a delightful visual harmony, setting the tone for a session filled with joy and laughter.

After the first outfit, Krista and Nick switched to two more casual outfits, allowing their personalities to shine through. The wardrobe changes brought a relaxed and playful vibe to the session. Each outfit transition was seamless, showcasing their unique styles and the bond they share. These casual looks not only reflected their down-to-earth personalities but also added a dynamic element to the photoshoot.

Throughout the session, candid moments of laughter and joy were beautifully captured. The ease and comfort between Krista and Nick was palpable, making the session flow smoothly. The couple’s ability to be themselves and enjoy the process made for genuinely heartfelt and spontaneous photos. These moments of silliness and fun truly highlighted their connection and love for one another.


Krista and Nick’s engagement session at Emerald Forest Theater was a beautiful reflection of their love story and their new beginnings in the PNW. The combination of a stunning location, elegant and casual outfits, and plenty of laughter made this session unforgettable. We are honored to have captured these precious moments and wish them a lifetime of happiness and adventure. If you are interested in booking an engagement session, get in touch with me, and let’s get your perfect engagement photos.

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