I had been looking forward to this trip down to Discovery Park for quite a while. This is a styled Engagement Session from my mentorship with Jordan Voth. He is a travel/adventure photographer and an overall amazing guy. Go check out his work here. I got to watch his process in during this session and was very inspired by how he worked. The dude is a god with his edits and his look. He has a hell of an eye and I was lucky to get to know him and get a sense of how he operates. Also, shoutout to my homie Colton McCoy for showing me his work.

I also repeat, every time I post anything from this session, how fucking easy these photos were to take. David and Blair are absolute naturals in front of the camera. Blair is a photographer herself, and also does amazing work. you can check her stuff out here. I also was reminded by how small of a world it is. Davids parents live in Kitsap and he goes over often! I actually grew up in Kitsap myself. From that point, it was an Instant connection for me.

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