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A podcast for the Photo Entrepreneur

Hello Photo Friends! I will admit at the beginning, this is a bit of a misdirection. I am here to try and persuade you to listen to my podcast. WAIT! please don’t go! Hear me out.

Recently, I have been struggling to parse through all the information available to us new business peeps who are trying to start and build a successful brand. Through what can only be called a quest, I dove into the internet and spent countless hours learning as much as I could about the ‘right’ or ‘correct’ way to succeed. Do you know what I found? a lot. There are SO MANY different ways people find success in this market. It’s hard to even know where to begin! enter in, Getting Candid.

ok ok , heres the pitch

I say it in the trailer and I will say it again. This podcast was born out of frustration. With all the information available to us entrepreneurs, it’s hard to know what is actually worth applying to your business model. I’ve been struggling with all the same things those in ‘the grind’ are in. I just want someone to help me figure out my first steps. Well, this podcast is here for you to facilitate what things you need to focus on when starting out. I want it to serve as a helpful resource that you can use to see what the people who ARE where you want to be are doing, and what they think is a waste of time.

Heres my roadmap for this podcast, as I see it now. We begin very simply, covering things that every photographer needs to know; pricing yourself, how to conduct yourself on a wedding day, vendor interactions, etc. From there, build to more advanced strategies of FB advertising and understanding your style, and what the established photographers are doing to stay in the game and competitive. I am hopeful to keep a consistent list of people coming onto the podcast to talk about stuff, but there may be a few episodes that are just me talking to you about whatever I feel is pertinent.

If you all have questions you want to be answered, please feel free to shoot them to me and I will add them to my list of Q’s to ask! I hope you will give the podcast a listen, and all feedback is welcome negative and positive. Thanks, everyone. I will link below to the respective podcast hosts for you to listen to it at your leisure.

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